Weekly Photo Challenge : Community – Birds


When I think of communities in nature I think of birds. Like the Canada geese flying over Deep Creek Lake in Western, Md., many birds stick together . What is the old saying, “birds of a feather flock together?”

Would you like to see the ISBAA bird photo slide show, please click on Winged Wonders.

Did you miss yesterday’s discussion of when is a photo not really a photo any more? Check out the post and jump into the conversation here.

Please see more text and second photo below.

Of course you also have woodpeckers which seem to be more solitary when it plain site. The woodpecker below was photographed munching on a homemade feeder outside The Discovery Center at Deep Creek Lake Park.

rob paine woodpecker deep creek lake

Thanks for dropping by this afternoon!

35 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge : Community – Birds”

  1. There are still some confused geese hanging around the Chicago area. They’re having fun in the snow and ice now, I guess. Love the woodpecker shot! I always enjoyed feeding them back when we had bird feeders.



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