Getting Small in West Virginia

rob paine worlds smallest church Not far off U.S. Route 50 in Silver Lake, W. Va., is a church that is said to be the smallest house of worship in the continental United States.

The name of the church is Our Lady of The Pines. It is a short drive from the magnificent Blackwater Falls State Park. 

According to the fantastic Web site Roadside America this Roman Catholic church contains seating for 12, and the exterior measures 24 ft. x 12 ft.

(Please see more photos and text below.)

rob paine outside world smallest
An exterior view of Our Lady of the Pines in West Virginia.

The church includes some beautiful stained glass windows and is open for worship to visitors. The church is roughly an hour’s drive from Deep Creek Lake.

rob paine smallest church3

Roadside America devotes another page on its Web site to many other tiny churches around the country. I guess some might dispute if the church in Silver Lake is the smallest in the Lower 48, but it certainly has to be in the running for the tiniest as well as the best kept up and most charming church.

rob paine world smallest

If you are also seeking a small house to vacation in to go along with your visit to Our Lady of the Pines, please check out my post on Blue Moon Rising in Deep Creek Lake, Md., about a eco resort that features all small houses.

rob paine worlds smallest

If the smallest church was not enough of a reason to visit Silver Lake, behind the church is a post office, and you guessed it, its said the be the smallest mailing office in the Lower 48.

smallest post office rob paine

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  1. Love this little church and the stand of pine trees surrounding it. Your pictures capture the simple beauty of the stained glass-


  2. I’m a great fan of the Small House Movement and have watched it expand over recent years. Shame there isn’t an affordable version here in Australia. It’s fascinating to see how they fit so much into such a small space. I’d do anything to get away from the ‘Rent Trap’.


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