Weekly Photo Challenge : Object at Parade Rest

paine rob object

As a community photojournalist, one thing you can always count on covering every year is the local parade. When I worked in newspapers I shot my share of July Fourth, Memorial and Veterans Day Parades. It “came with the territory” as they say, and that is a good thing, as  parades are a lot of fun. (please see more text and second photo below)

Want to see some of the color that attracts so many people to the Deep Creek Lake area in the fall, check out Weekly Photo Challenge Masterpiece.

Parades are great photo ops. There is never a lack of objects, activity, color or people to take pictures of. In my post newspapers years, I continue to photograph parades when I have the chance. These photos were taken during the annual Autumn Glory Festival Parade in Oakland, Md.

rob paine object

The parade is held every October in this quaint town near Deep Creek Lake in Western Maryland, to celebrate the brilliant fall colors that attract tourists from all over the world.

For these particular photos I strove to go beyond the obvious. While the bands and marching groups came to a stop in front of us, I kept on noticing how half of the street was reflected in some of the instruments of marching bands so I zeroed in on the colorful reflections.

The top photo was taken of a Sousaphone while the bottom shows part of the downtown area reflected in a silver helmet worn by a member of the American Legion. If you look really close on the second photo at the building in the background you will see me in the blue jacket next to a street pole with my camera.

When you step back from a scene and take a second to absorb what you are looking at, you never know what different types of photos you might end up with.

Thanks so much for dropping by today, Rob

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  1. Excellent compositions.
    The reflections certainly give an extra depth to the subjects in the images.


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