New Year’s Day Hawk

web rob paine hawk I have written before about the great photo opportunities that begin the minute you walk out your back door. I was greeted with another example on New Year’s Day as this red-shouldered hawk visited the back yard. (please see second image below)

Hawks are not as common a site for me as lets say cardinals or wrens are, but when they do appear they are quite an impressive presence, so much so that the rest of the birds who usually populate the backyard feeders keep a respectful distance.

web rob paine hawk new years

It was fun way to start the year! Thank you so much for clicking on my post today!

To read more about my approach  to photographing backyard birds, please check out this post on Backyard Bird Photography

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12 responses to “New Year’s Day Hawk”

  1. I live in a townhouse community and it would be quite a sight if I were to see one of these impressive birds in my tiny backyard. I love the beautiful details that you were able to capture of the hawk’s coloration and feathers. I haven’t yet seen a hawk up close, so I especially appreciate those details.


    • Thanks Mike. Its interesting, we do not see hawks all the time, but when we do, its pretty up close in personal. A couple of days before this photo, I am pretty sure this or another hawk nailed a morning dove on our porch in front of our breakfast nook window.


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