When A Little Dab of Color Will Do Ya

rob paine walk in the snow at dcl

I love photographing wildlife and nature scenics. Sometimes those photo warrant black and white and sometimes they demand color. (Please see more text below)

Perhaps due to my background in photojournalism I also strive to get people in my photos whenever possible to add a human element to an image and give perspective to the rest of the scene.

I am often puzzled by nature photography contests that disqualify entries that include “the hand  of man” in the photo. Sure most nature scenes are fine on their own with out any humans involved  (other than the photographer of course) but sometimes injecting the human element can even make nature appear even more magnificent.

Would you like to see  Pittsburgh as seen through  my viewfinder? Please check out Framing Pittsburgh. 

I shot this photo of a person walking a dog in the snow a few years ago near Deep Creek Lake. It meets most of my goals for an interesting picture but what I liked the most about the final result was  color is fairly subtle.

I think sometimes people believe a color photo or painting must be full of brilliance and over saturated but often by just using  a little hue there, a little dab of red here can have a much greater impact.

I reminded of the the old Shakespeare line from “Hamlet,” “Brevity is the soul of wit.” The same approach should be taken to using color in a photograph. Sometimes less can be more, a lot more.

Thanks for dropping by today, Rob

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