Family Living at Deep Creek Lake

rob paine duck family deep creek lake

I shot this family photo late one summer afternoon at Deep Creek Lake.  I was photographing a beautiful sunset when one of our friends pointed to the procession of baby ducks  taking place below. (please see more text below)

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It is  not a secret  that luck plays a great part in  capturing images like this one. I happened to be standing on the back deck of a clubhouse which afforded me a good vantage point and allowed me to capture this family’s  reflection in the lower part of the photo.

I could not have asked for better lighting as the sun illuminated  the scene from the left side of the  parade. After taking this photo I ran from the deck I was on to get a second angle where I would be on the same level as the ducks, but this shot ended up being much more  interesting.

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  1. Like most family photos, not all of them are looking in the same directions. It’s hard to get a perfect facial shot when there are so many family members. Love the waves and the light (and, of course, the ducks are very cute).


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