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Cool Thought on a Warm Day (Winter Edition)


I never dreamed I could run a “Cool Thought on a Warm Day” post two days before Christmas, but here we are experiencing record breaking temperatures on the East Coast. ( please see below for second photo and additional text)

If you would like to see a more normal Deep Creek Lake winter scene, please click on Winter Scene.

_BCF6183I shot these two images in Garrett County, Md., a couple of winters a go. The second  photo was taken literally on Deep Creek Lake, of two people walking on the frozen lake.

Before taking this photo, I had never walked on a frozen lake, it was a new experience to say the least. The second photo was taking near Deep Creek Lake on a blustery winter’s day. I really liked the way the red barn contrasted with the stark white of the snow. It gave the photo a clear focus point.

It has actually been in the 50’s over the last couple of days or so at Deep Creek Lake. I would not advise walking on the lake right now, unless you have a very good wet suit and are not subject to frostbite.

Thank you so much for dropping in today, Rob.

10 Responses to “Cool Thought on a Warm Day (Winter Edition)”

  1. leecleland

    Wishing you and yours a very happy Festive Season. I just cannot imaging the sort of snow and ice you get there. We are having a run of hot, hot days leading up to Christmas but rain forecast for the day itself.



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