Dueling Birds on the Occoquan

web birds occ rob paine oneMy first trip of the year to  Occoquan, Va., began without incident.   It was New Year’s Day and things were pretty quiet, except on the dock pilings along the river where things were beginning to get interesting.  (please see more photos and text below) 

web birds occ rob paine six

The Occoquan is a tributary of the Potomac River and also part of the Chesapeake Bay watershed. The river is close to 25 miles long. The town of Occoquan is 25 miles from Washington D.C.

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web birds occ rob paine three

There are dozens of these pilings in Occoquan apparently not enough though to give all of the shorebirds a place to land. I had never witnessed this bird  version of musical chairs until last week.

web birds occ rob paine two

Each bird would perch for a long as it could before being unseated by a another bird. It was a dance of sorts that made for some interesting action shots.

web birds occ rob paine four

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