Geese in Y Formation

rob paine geese flyover

Whenever I post photos of Canada geese I usually get at least one comment similar to the following : “A joy watch a pain to clean up after.” (please see more text and second photo below)

Want to take a quick visit to the fantastic National Aviary in Pittsburgh? Please check out this post, National Aviary. 

I share that sentiment most of the time except on bright sunny spring afternoons when a dozen or more Canada geese fly over our home in formation on their way to a nearby lake.
As a unseasonable cold snap even grips the southeast this week, I look forward to those days when we are not weighed down by winter coats.

Below is one of my favorite goose scenes I saw at Lake Tahoe.

rob paine lake tahoe goow

Thanks so much for dropping by today, Rob

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  1. When we were in CA this past fall, we’d see flocks of literally thousands of Canadian geese flying overhead. It was spectacular to see, and hear, them!!!


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