Deep Creek Deer in the Golden Hour

web Rob Paine Deer

I took these deer photos during a drive around on a recent trip to Deep Creek Lake (MD). It was less than an hour after sunrise and I saw several deer rummaging through brush on the slope of a mountain. ( please see below for second photo and additional text)

I cherish these opportunities to photograph wildlife in its own environment without any evidence of the “hand of man.” “Hand of man” is a phrase used by some nature photo contests in their rules. If there is anything in the photo created by a human being the photo cannot be judged in a given contest. With the abundance of development these days in some parts of the country this can be a challenging regulation to follow at times.

I shot both of these images with a 70-200 out my car window. The weather on this Western Maryland trip was amazing. Great sunrises and sunsets almost every day. As so many have pointed out in their posts, there is not substitute for the golden light you see at dawn. It is always worth getting up early for. There are also usually a lot more deer up and around as well.

Thank you so much for dropping in today, Rob.

web rob paine deer morfe


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