Photos to Fawn Over


I felt like I hit the jackpot when we saw two sets of baby deer during our recent trip to Deep Creek Lake, MD. In both instances (they took place during the same outing) I photographed the fawns as they walked under the protective canopy of tall trees with their mothers. (click here to see second photo)

This setting presented somewhat of a challenge as I was in the bright day light and the deer were in a very shady area, which made it hard for me to see the screen in the back of my Nikon. I guessed a little on the exposure and quickly fired off several frames as the fawn walked thru the scene. My biggest concern was that my focus would be off thrown off thanks to the trees picking up the auto focus instead of the deer.

I was elated to discover that several of the shots were very sharp and my exposure was pretty close to dead on.

Fast forward a day and we arrive home in suburban Virginia. While eating dinner I look out the window and see three baby deer and their mother grazing in our back yard. I grabbed my camera and spied the deer from the side of the yard and caught this fawn’s gaze
as it took a break between bites. (see below)

web suburban fawn rob paine


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