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Inspiring Seniors in Northern Virginia Who Won’t Let Old Age Get in Their Way

Tom, (foreground) and Joyce Tobias train near their home in Haymarket, Va. (Photo by Rob Paine/Deep Creek Images/Copyright 2017)

Over the past six months I have had the good fortune to interview several participants in the Northern Virginia Senior Olympics as a volunteer public relations and advertising coordinator for this event which is  kicking off its 35 anniversary season tomorrow  morning, Saturday, Sept. 9. I was lucky to meet these seniors  and I am thankful they allowed me to tell  their stories.

I would like to share one of these inspiring stories with you today, that of Joyce Tobias, 79, and her husband of 56 years, Tom Tobias,84,  of Haymarket, Va. They are shown in the  photo above I shot near their home in Prince William County, Va. As you will read, the Tobiases do not let age get in their way.

Below is their story along with a few other photos. If you happen to live in Northern Virginia Area, I would invite you, no I would urge you to attend one of the free  NVSO events over the next two weeks that are listed at http://www.nvso.us. You will have fun, see some inspiring  people and chances are  you will  walk away with a slightly less anxious view of growing old. Most people say they can wait to get old while people like the Tobiases embrace aging and they do it well. Please feel free to share this story and these photos with anyone you like.  (please see story and photos below) Read more

New Falls Colors at Deep Lake Print for Sale

Photo by Rob Paine/Deep Creek Images/Copyright 2017

For me, the best time of the year to visit Deep Creek Lake in Western Maryland is in the fall, more specifically during the Autumn Glory Festival. Each year the colors are usually wonderful but during some years the colors are more magnificent and that was definitely the case last year when I was in the right place at the right time to capture the above photo. I am very proud to present this photo for sale. (please see more below) Read more

By Dawn’s Early Light

Photo by Rob Paine/Deep Creek Images/Copyright 2017

Dawn is arguably the best time to capture stunning images. The light is wonderful and usually there are not a lot of people up and around getting in your shot a nice plus if you are looking to illustrate the solitude of nature. I was not a very early riser until I realized this! The hues and colors or dawn create a great bridge between night and morning. Below are some of my favorite photos taken in the waking hours of the day. Enjoy! Read more

Happy Flag Day, 2017

Photo by Rob Paine/Deep Creek Images/Copyright 2017

I have taken many photos of flags over the years but this one means the most to me. I took this image in Little Washington, Va., a few days after the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. The light was beautiful on that fall afternoon and the design and order  of this historic home framed the flag perfectly. (see second photo below)

Read more

My Personal Fathers Day and How I Started Photographing Flowers

Photo by Rob Paine/Deep Creek Images/Copyright 2016

Photo by Rob Paine/Deep Creek Images/Copyright 2016

Roughly 20 years ago I started photographing flowers. I will never forget the day. I was visiting my dad in North Carolina. It was a rainy slow summer day. My dad had decided to take a nap and I ventured outside after the rain slowed with my first digital camera. (please see more photos and text below)  Read more

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