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Happy Mothers Day 2017!

In honor of all mothers (including those who quack like a duck) I thought it would be appropriate to repost this entry about a duck parade that marched through my community several years ago! rob paine duck parade 17 These days it is not unusual in parts of the D.C. Area to see foxes, deer or hawks. Even coyotes appear from time to time. Over the weekend though we were treated to  a parade of sorts as a momma duck lead 7 ducklings throughout the neighborhood skillfully navigating busy streets and weaving through backyards and waddling  between cars.  (please see more photos and text below) Read more

My Favorite Deep Creek Lake Deer Photo

Photo by Rob Paine/Deep Creek Images/Copyright 2017

In honor of Earth Day which was yesterday, I wanted to share my favorite deer photo. Over the last 10 years or so I have photographed dozens of deer mostly in the Deep Creek Lake Area though some of my favorites were also  captured in my back yard in Virginia.

The  photo above taken at Deep Creek Lake is my favorite. I will never forget the moment. We were driving next to a wooded area and my wife looked over and said “deer.” After I realized she was not addressing me but really letting me know deer were near by I looked over to see this wonderful scene : a baby and mom walking through the woods.

I raised my camera and while the mom kept walking the baby stopped and gazed my way. The trees above filtered the light perfectly and I got my shot. I was lucky, if the baby had stopped a foot early that bright sun spot would have been on its head instead of its shoulder.

For some more deer photos I have posted during the last 4 years please look below. 
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