Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour : Deep Creek Lake Fishing

deep creek lake rob paine
My favorite “Golden Hour” is when the light first seeps through the atmosphere in the early morning. For some reason that light looks the best to me as the day is new and everything seems untouched.

As an extra bonus, at Deep Creek Lake (MD) there are some mornings when the lake area is shrouded in fog, as was the case when I photographed these two fisherman. The fog filters the light oh so nicely and things literally appear to have golden cast as if they were touched by King Midas himself.

Below is another photo taken on a different day but under almost identical conditions of Canadian geese moving thru the fog at Deep Creek Lake.

For some other of my Deep Creek Lake fishing images, please click on the following links Deep Creek Fishing and Early Morning Catch

Thanks for visiting my blog and happy Friday!

deep creek lake fog rob paine


  1. I prefer the morning golden hour to its evening equivalent – probably because I see those evening shadows every day but the morning shadows are more mysterious to me. Well, they should be, since I can’t always galvanize myself to get up in the morning.

    Loved your photos and will be following with great interest.


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