Jefferson Memorial by Dawn’s Early Light

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Earlier this year I decided it was finally time to photograph the cherry blossoms at the Jefferson Memorial at sunrise. Despite living in the D.C. Area for most of my life, I had never make the early morning trek to the Tidal Basin. When you live in a place like Washington, full of so many great photo opportunities, it is easy to take things for granted and say I will get that shot next year. Not this time!  

I rose at 4:30 A.M. and was on the road just before 5 A.M. just so I would make it to the Jefferson at dawn from where I live in suburban Virginia. I would guess by the time I arrived at the Jefferson Memorial there were easily at least 40 other photographers hauling bags and tripods. That number was at least doubled by 6 A.M. One needs to get down there early not just to see the sunrise but to assure you have a space to set you tripod up for a well composed shot. It was a pretty wild experience and I am glad I could do it. Oh, and the weather was perfect, which is always something to be thankful for.

The photo above was taken at about dawn just as the light began to fill the horizon. My goal on this shot was to use one of the cherry blossom trees (at right) as a frame for the memorial. I you look to the far left you will also see the U.S. Capitol.

In my opinion, the Jefferson Memorial (along with Tidal Basin that surrounds it) is the most scenic place in the city. What I like most about this particular piece is the blue and purple colors in the sky and those same shades that were reflected into the Tidal Basin.

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dockdogs rob paine


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