Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour Part II

deep creek lake boat rob paine

One morning while looking for photos in the fog, I saw a rescue boat scurrying around the lake. The fog does not discourage the fisherman and boaters. If anything, during these conditions, the fishing is even better, according to the Web site Stripersonline.com.

A post on Stripersonline (if you do a search for this Web site, make sure you only include one “P” or you will end up with entirely different search results) said the following “One of the best times to fish is when the fog is so thick one cannot see what is happening across the way from you or down the beach .”

So, it was good thing the rescue boat is out and about to keep things safe. I waited for the boat to move to the right side of my viewfinder so I could have the boat’s wake trail in run the entire length of the frame.

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