More on Fishing and being in the Fog at DCL

I wanted to add this photo to the mix while still on the subject of fishing and early morning fog. I took this photo in the same place at about the same time as the person leaving the dock that is shrouded by fog.

It was a great morning. I remember leaving my house and heading down 219 to the lake and as I got closer to the water noticing there was a lot of fog. Talk about lucky. I underexposed this image slightly to make sure that the fishermen stood out.

This image was taken on the trail near the Discovery Center where it meets the bridge that leads to the park.

1 Comment

  1. Outstanding photo. Probably my favorite on th internet. I am doing some graphic work for a new fishermans social network and would love to use this. I would love to have permission to use this in my work and many others would enjoy seing your photo also. Thanks for taking the time to read this. hope to hear from you soon.


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