2013 Year in Review : Its all about the Birds at The National Aviary in Pittsburgh

Before the new year starts, I thought it would be fun to look back on some of the most viewed and most “liked” posts on this blog. I may also throw in a couple of my personal favorites that may have not received that much attention their first time out. For some of these Year in Review stories, I may add other photos or additional notes that have similar subject matter but did not run in the particular post the first time out. I will also provide a link to the original version. (Please see more text and more bird photos below)

For those of you who missed these posts the first time out,  I hope you will enjoy  them.  For those long timers  I hope you will enjoy taking a second look. I will also be running new posts as warranted so please keep an eye on the ISBAA dailies.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has made this blog a success.

This post ran originally Sept. 27, 2013. The Original Post can be found at National Aviary Saturated I have added some other National Aviary photos I shot that ran in some of my other blog posts. It was a weekly photo challenge looking for photos with saturated color.

The National Aviary in Pittsburgh is by far one of the best places to photograph birds. You and the birds are in the same room. Most of the time no glass or cages separate photographer and birds, making it easy to establish a clear visual focal point in each of your photos.

I also want to give a shoutout the the staff at the National Aviary, they are incredibly helpful, friendly and knowledgable.

Talk about being saturated!

Rob Paine Bird National Aviary

I shot this photo of a Gouldian Finch in the Grasslands exhibit at the National Aviary in Pittsburgh last week.

The National Aviary is one of the neatest places to watch birds. In many of the exhibits, including the Grasslands room, the birds are flying in the same space you are, not in cages or behind glass walls.

Another bird in the same room that really caught my eye was a Long-tailed Finch shown in the photo I shot below.

Paine Web bird

Here are some additional photos taken at the aviary that were not posted on the same day.

Photo 7
Photo 7

web pens three

Photo 6

Photo 7

web eagles

web paine avairy


  1. Beautiful post! I am in love with birds and at one time I owned 27 varieties but the work load became overwhelming. The Philadelphia Zoo also has a fantastic Aviary! Happy New Year Rob


  2. My goodness, Rob! – not only do I espy a rainbow lorikeet, but sitting next to it is a scaly-breasted lorikeet! I haven’t set eyes on a scaly-breasted since Chic and I left Dangar Island, something like 25 years ago. I’m DELIGHTED to see that you have both in your marvellous aviary!


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