There is a Blue Moon Rising in Western Maryland

rob paine blue moon risingTired of McMansions? Is living large getting old? Are you longing for a vacation space with a beautiful view that does not require consuming enough electricity to power a small village? Are you thinking about downsizing but would like to sample the eco lifestyle first? Would you like to spend the night in a Hobbitat? Welcome to Blue Moon Rising, a ecotourism retreat at Deep Creek Lake in Western Maryland, featuring houses that are built in the spirit of the small house movement.  This past summer before Blue Moon Rising opened for overnight guests, I took advantage of free tours being offered at the destination. The photo at left is of the main building at Blue Moon. The structure features distinctive architecture that which you will find throughout the entire grounds.

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All Photos on this site and copyrighted by Rob Paine/Deep Creek Images 2013 and cannot be used without his permission. Thanks! Please see more photos and text below. Please note, the retreat was not completely finished when I toured it, so it you see some rough spots here and there in these photos, they have been smoothed out since.

Want to get quick visual taste of beautiful Deep Creek Lake? Please check out my DCL slide show at Deep Creek Lake. 

web rob paine wall In the main building of Blue Moon Rising a special viewing window has been built into a wall so you can see the natural substances used in the wall’s  insulation.web water web main room web bluemoon rob paine web bm porch bm web kitchen web outdoors web rob paine room web blue moon bunks web blue indoors web dome roof web rob paine grass top web blue sky lake cview  A view of Deep Creek Lake as seen over the roof of Blue Moon’s main building. It is one of the best views of the lake available. hobitat A large bed is snug in a bedroom in one of the cottages at Blue Moon Rising in McHenry, Md.

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