Weekly Photo Challenge : Unusual Point of View : Old Barn

web barn two

Garrett County, Md., has a very flourishing agricultural  community. Around Deep Creek Lake there are miles upon miles of beautiful farmland along with some fabulous barns that come in all shapes, sizes and colors.  But there is no barn that has more character and distinction than the structure in the photo above, located on Mayhew Inn Road, not too far of off Route 219 (Garrett Highway) (please see more text and more photos below)

In the roughly eight years I have been coming to Deep Creek Lake  this barn has been a constant fascination for me.  Its weathered boards has survived hundreds of feet of snowfall including last fall’s violent Superstorm Sandy whose heavy winds and wet snow crippled the area and brought  down too many trees to count.

web biker old barn DSC_7126

The day after my first art festival  last Saturday, I rose with the sun and drove to Swallow Falls State Park but as usuaI made a stop to photograph the barn in its golden hour glory.

I photographed it from every angle I could without jumping a fence. Even plopped down in the middle of the road to shoot the top super wide angle image that included Mayhew Inn Road’s double yellow line for an unusual point of view.  I would not recommend this as a practice except for it was very early in the morning and the  car traffic was at a minimum. The only startling thing at this time of day was  when a cyclist walked up behind me. He stopped too and took out his cell phone camera to get some shots.

After we chatted  he sped off and he  added a nice human perspective to one of my barn images.

web DSC_7132

From my viewpoint, it looked like the roof of this landmark was a little more concave than it was a year ago before Sandy.

This old barn is like all of the other wonderful things in life that you  really need to appreciate before it is gone or totally abandoned.

web sloping barn

web barn detail web vertical barnBelow are some additional detail photos of the barn. Thanks so much for visiting my blog today!


  1. Great shots, Rob. I so often regret as I drive on the interstate (which I love for getting me places quickly) that there’s no place to stop to get pictures of the many abandoned buildings along the way (and other things as well.)



  2. It’s sad that so many barns in America are slowly fading away like this, yet they provide a wonderful photo op. The top photo is amazing, excellent job! And gutsy too, laying on the road.


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