Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual Point of View – Savageman Triathlon

Next Saturday the annual Savageman Triathlon begins at Deep Creek Lake. I shot the event last year for the first time. One of my goals was to shoot from an unusual point of view to put the person looking this photo right in the cold lake water with the swimmers.

Rob Paine Triathlon

Please see additional text  below.

Every fall Garrett County hosts the Savageman.

The race starts as a swim across beautiful Deep Creek Lake followed by bike race up some of the steepest hills you will ever see and concludes next to the lake with cross country style
running race.

To get this shot, I scouted out a trail around the lake portion of the race. I saw a pier that reached out into the lake near the swimming lane.

When the swimmers approached I positioned myself flat on my stomach on the swaying metal pier and got as close to the water as I could with a 300mm lens.

I truly got very lucky when the two swimmers in this frame approached. Though swimming a yard or two apart, they were side by side and the compression from the long lens made it appear they were almost on top of each other which added to the drama of the photo.

I like when good planning and good luck intersect. It usually
results in a nice picture.

Thanks for reading, Rob.


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