Weekly Photo Challenge : Joy

rob paine weekly photo challenge joy

When I first heard about this week’s weekly-photo-challenge theme-joy I immediately thought about the image above. (please see more text below)

I shot this photo earlier in my career while working for a local community newspaper in Virginia.

Love Birds? Please check out my recent “Best of” post on the National Aviary in Pittsburgh.

When space in the paper allowed, we would run stand alone feature art, photos that did not have a larger story attached to them. “Shooting wild art” as it was referred to was a lot of fun. It gave the photographers at our paper free reign to shoot pretty much anyone or any subject they wanted.

Of course there were always deadlines to meet so on some days you might need to track down a good feature photo on pretty short notice, sandwiched in between  photos you were taking for other stories being covered in that week’s edition.

I always had a list of places on hand that I knew would provide good opportunities for features. On the particular day this photo was taken a local park was at the top of my list. It was a warm summer afternoon so many people were enjoying the outdoors.

After a few minutes I zoned in on this guy playing with his dog and having a great time. I got on the ground so I was shooting at their level and as I began to start taking pictures the dog buried his nose in the man’s 7-Eleven cup. Bingo!

This photo has always stuck with me as the expression on the guy’s face just looks as he is having the greatest day of his life and does not have a care in the world. Pure Joy!

Thanks so much for dropping by today.



    1. That is the name of the game. I have critiqued a lot of portfolios and judged a lot of contests but at the end of the day I always tell people on some level you need to shoot photos for yourself and develop your own style and enjoy it. There are a lot of photos over the years I have shot that were not popular or did not win contests, but they meant a lot to me and I had fun creating them.


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