Weekly Photo Challenge : A Grand Heavenly View

web grand view

Earlier this month on the way out Garrett County in Western Maryland,  I made a quick stop at the Route 219 overlook. Visiting this pull off is like opening a visual box of Cracker Jack. You never know what prize awaits. (please see more photos and text below.)

On this particular morning, the weather forecast said a storm was on its way into town. As I got out of my car to get my gear, I looked to my left and saw what resembled the light from Heaven dropping from the sky over the numerous farms below me. It was quite a grand view.

While Garrett County is best known for Deep Creek Lake and the WISP resort that offers four season activity, you will find another treasure trove of photo opportunities in Garrett County’s country roads and rolling farmland.

web  bw grand view

Many of the farms in the county invite visitors to tour their grounds. For more information, please visit the Garrett-Preston Rural Development Coalition Web site.

As I have written in earlier posts, I have photographed this vista a dozen times during every season of the year. It is a dynamic view in that it always looks a little different.

The 219 Overlook is located at such an elevation that at times you feel as if you are taking aerial photographs.

T0 view some other of my posts that feature photos taken from this same scenic view pull off, please visit Panorama-mamnia and Garrett County Farm Scene.

web color view

If you have a preference on which of these three you like the most, I would love to get your feedback and comments in the comment box.

Thanks for dropping by and have a wonderful day, Rob


  1. Hard to choose, if pushed, the third. It has more of a winters feel to it with the cooler blues. I love seeing different images taken from the same place and processed slightly differently as you’ve done here.


  2. Thank you for sharing your part of the world…my list of places to visit continues to grow.

    & I prefer the 2nd photo to the black & white, the muted colors in the second photo are soothing, which is what I imagine light from Heaven to be…


  3. Looks to me like the first and third photos are the same, just one in B&W – the other color. They are both beautiful and equally striking. I love to see the sun coming down from the clouds like that. I imagine they are God’s fingers coming down to hold us and let us know He is always taking care of us


  4. Normally I like B & W, but in this case I prefer the third image. The slate grey colour of the sky indicates the incoming storm like the other 2 images, but the colour gives more a cold chill (of winter) to the scene. It creates more atmosphere or mood.


  5. The first photo is much more dramatic for me, with powerful contrasts of light and dark. Wonderful work – though you probably don’t class it as ‘work’; I can imagine you having a great time strolling through this country area. I love being blasted by the sea air and seeing the storm clouds trying to meet the sea on the few occasions I get to go to England’s coast from London…


Please feel free to leave a reply. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughtful feedback, Rob

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