The Iceman Cometh…


After having fun watching several football games being played in the snow Sunday, including the Eagles-Lions, Baltimore-Vikings (great game) and the Redskins-Chiefs game (Ok, not so fun) several states woke up Monday morning to quite the ice show. (see below for more text and an additional photo)

In the D.C. area, where temperatures topped out near 70 degrees about a week ago, things were in a slippery state Monday, offering some ideal conditions for some grand ice weather features.


Helpful tip : when photographing frozen branches and plants, do not forget about the branches above that maybe weighed down by the heavy ice.
Keep your head up!


  1. That ice is amazing, I get excited when I find a roses bush with water drops all along a branch but ice like that! Wonderful! Not enough superlatives to express myself here 🙂


  2. Aren’t these awesome, as are your photos…I recently came across something similar in my area and I was thrilled as I’ve never seen anything like this before! Thankfully what I found wasn’t caused by an ice storm but the high waves washing up on a rock and drenching a tree during a bitter cold windy day…


  3. Awesome, please teach me how to take pics like this!!!! Wasn’t that Vikings game great, you should have heard me cheering(screaming)! I am mad they let AP play in that snow, now he’s hurt….ugh!!


    • that was an amazing game. I did not believe that last touchdown! I guess the Vikings are going to start getting used to bad weather as they are playing at University of Minnesota for the next two years. Dress warm for those games ( their new stadium looks really nice too, when it is finished)


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