Three Seasons : Three Different Looks of a Water Fall

swallow falls2

Series of photos can be used to document progress in action or changes in season. Today I am doing the latter. (please see more photos and text below)

For most visitors to Swallow Falls State Park in Western Maryland, Muddy Creek Falls a 53-foot waterfall is the highlight of their park experience.

What is great about Muddy Creek is it takes on different personalities in every season of the year. The photo that leads today’s blog post was taken on Labor Day weekend, late in the afternoon  of one of the final days of summer.


This second photo was taken on the final weekend of November. While some parts of the Eastern United States are still enjoying the last warm days of the fall, Western Maryland is well into winter.


This last photo was taken around Memorial Day in late May, as spring kicks into full gear in this mountainous area of Maryland.

No matter what the time of year or type of weather, Muddy Creek Falls will never disappoint.

Thanks for dropping by today, Rob

To purchase photos by Rob Paine taken at beautiful Deep Creek Lake, please visit Deep Creek Images .com

Copyrighted photos taken in Deep Creek Lake, MD. by Rob Paine, photographer, of Deep Creek Images.

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