Garrett County (MD) Farm Scene

web garrett county farm scene rob paine

The Deep Creek Lake Area in Western Maryland is probably best known for its incredible lake and river offerings as well as it picturesque mountains that provide great skiing during the winter months.

If you venture outside of the immediate lake area though, you will find another treasure trove of photo opportunities in Garrett County’s country roads and rolling farmland.

This photo was taken from an overlook on Route 219 on the way to Deep Creek Lake.

I have photographed this vista a dozen times during every season of the year. It is a dynamic view in that it always looks a little different.

This photo was taken about a year ago. As we approached the pull off there was just something a little different about the how the sunlight filtered through the clouds. The clouds kept on moving and different areas of the scene were darkened and illuminated every few seconds.

Many of the farms in the county invite visitors to tour their grounds. For more information, please visit the Garrett-Preston Rural Development Coalition Web site.

To enjoy some of the local produce, you can shop at the Mountain Fresh Farmers Market in Oakland, MD., now thru October 31, 10am to 1 pm, every Saturday. Oakland is about a 15-20 minute drive from the lake.

All the produce is great, but the peaches are to die for. Market goers will usually line up 20-30 minutes before the starting bell rings on Saturday mornings just to buy the peaches. They are delicious.

This photo was given its painterly look using iPhoto for Ipad. To see another farming photo taken nearby, check out this link Somerset County Barn.


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