Weekly Photo Challenge : The Hue of Blue- Churches and Model Living Rooms

web country churchMy favorite color has always been blue and its many hues.

I shot this photo this past summer of a church in rural Garrett County, Md. It was a beautiful day and the sky was such a dark blue I rarely see. It looks as if there is wiring on this church that enables the cross to light up at night. Something that also would probably make for a cool shot. (please see below for additional photos and text)

Photo 13

One of my freelance gigs is photographing high end apartments in the Washington D.C. area, something I really enjoy. It is amazing how much thought and design goes into staging a model apartment. I am sure it is as fun designing and staging these models as it is to photograph them.

This photo was taken recently at a new luxury apartment complex in Virginia. I was really drawn to the blue wall in the model’s living room. The square of saturated color livens up the space but does not over take it.

One of the tricks to shooting both interior and exterior architecture photos is to keep your composition clean and to maintain a good visual flow in your image. Like building an arch over a doorway, there has to be a keystone of sorts to hold up the rest of your photo so the viewer can focus on it first before perusing the rest of the scene. The blue and both of these photos hopefully achieves that desired effect.

Color can be such an important aspect of any photo. Color can often be used as a support or component of the overall visual effect you are trying to achieve but it does not always have to overwhelm everything else in your picture.

To view some more of my architecture and interiors work, please click here.

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