Weekly Photo Challenge : The Hue of Blue and Yellow

What I love about photographing flowers is the variety of colors and hues  they offer. I always enjoy being surprised by seeing such color plants in places I do not expect to do so.
The photo above was taken several years ago during a walk around Washington D.C. I noticed this small garden not far from the U.S. Department of State. It is one of my favorite flower photos. (please see below for additional photo )

web goldfinch


Goldfinches are fairly easy to catch with a camera. They are not timid and as long as there is feed to be had they will drop by for a quick hello. I shot this while one of the bright yellow birds rested on the top of feeder staff in the rain.

To see a few more of my flower photos, please check out the following link, aptly named “Flowers.”


  1. Love this color combination and the violets are beautiful…..I think those are violets? I need to put a bird feeder up so I can try to capture the birds, that little goldfinch is sure posing for you….so cute!! Love your pics!!


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