Weekly Photo Challenge : Endurance -2014 SavageMan Triathlon in Deep Creek Lake and Westernport MD

It is almost as painful to watch the climb up the Westernport Wall as it is to actually do it. Here the crowd reacts as a cyclist falls to the ground just yards before reaching the top of “The Wall.” Photo by Rob Paine/ Copyright 2014 (please click on image to see larger version)

Out of the hundreds of sporting events I have photographed none has required such a high level of endurance for competitors as the Westernport (MD) Wall segment of the SavageMan Triathlon based in Deep Creek Lake, MD. that I photographed earlier this month. Sticking with “The Wall” requires not only great levels of endurance but a heap of courage. (Please see more text and photo gallery below)

Here is what the race’s Web site says about “The Wall” : “The Westernport Wall is the steepest climb in all of road triathlon. At just four street blocks the Westernport Wall is not particularly long, but it starts steep and gets steeper, culminating in a final block on a stretch of road so steep that it has long been closed to traffic.

With its poor pavement, an average grade of 25% and a max pitch of 31%, successfully getting up the final block of the Westernport Wall takes a bit of skill, a bit of luck, and a lot of True Savage determination! All savages who conquer the Wall without putting a foot down receive a brick engraved with their name laid into the Wall itself. Those savages who choose not to tackle the closed block have the option to take a slightly longer, more humane route around the block.

The Westernport Wall takes no prisoners and respects no pedigree. The Westernport Wall has laid claim to many victims, and not just your everyday triathletes. Professional Ironman podium finishers – including a recent Hawaii Ironman runner-up finisher as well as a legend, six time Hawaii Ironman World Champion – have been forced to unclip and walk to the top.”

Thanks so much for dropping by today! Rob


  1. I so can’t hit “like” on this one. Your images are great, but I live with a cyclist and have tended too many of his injuries to do anything but wince at your first shot.


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