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“A Place Called Deep Creek Lake” Now on Sale

“A Place Called Deep Creek Lake,” a wonderful collection of photographs of the Deep Creek Lake area is now on sale. Each 8×8 book is $35 dollars plus $3 shipping and handling. To order, please email robpaine@deepcreekimages.com

Thanks to everyone who has purchased a book so far, Rob (please see below for more info!)  If you thrive on wanderlust and are seeking a great place to get in  touch with nature, Deep Creek is your ideal destination.  Read more

A Harmonic Convergence of Art, Light and a Wall

 Photo by Rob Paine/Deep Creek Images/Copyright 2016

Photo by Rob Paine/Deep Creek Images/Copyright 2016

Sometimes creating an artful photo that you would like to decorate a home with is just part of the challenge. After taking the photo there are several things to pay close attention to : cropping and adjusting lighting and toning if needed; making sure the photo is printed correctly and on the best surface available and then finally hanging it the right way and in the best place.

Often placing a photo on a wall is a random act. Other times we meticulously measure the space around the photo taking into consideration what will be around the photo and how the piece will interact with the rest of the room, an attempt to employ feng shui principles so the art will be in harmony and with everyone and everything around it. Lofty goals to say the least. And then there is the light in the room to consider. Please see second photo below. Read more

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