The Joy of Photographing a Wedding


When the Weekly Photo Challenge “Joy” was announced on Friday, I first thought to this first photo I posted Friday, but then I started thinking about all the happy moments that I have had the privilege to photograph at weddings. (please see more text and photos below)

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My career in photography started in newspapers. I loved telling people’s stories with my camera. Of course, newspaper work did not always pay very well, so I needed to pick up side work whenever possible. Weddings are a natural for any photojournalist as you are telling the story of a very special day in pictures.


Weddings are happy events by nature. Once you establish a good rapport with the bride and groom before the wedding day you will find yourself being welcomed at every turn.

This is in stark contrast to covering some news events where you might be trying to do your work while being shouted down by a police officer or an angry bystander who does not share your exact same view on what the First Amendment is.


While photographing a house fire in New Jersey one evening earlier in my career,
a relative of the home’s owner suggested to me if I did not stop taking photos I would be in dire need of medical attention. Of course that was not  the exact  tone and  language he used.

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p>Weddings usually do not entail the same level of hazard or mayhem. I have covered some weddings where I almost felt like I was part of the family by the end of the day. After one wedding, the bride’s mother actually sent me home with a box of home made cookies and a jar of jelly beans. How can you not love that?


Prior to going into the freelance world last year I was a photo coach and manager for what was then the largest wedding photography studio in the United States for five years. I was very fortunate to work with some of the best wedding photographers in the country. I shot the photos on this post during that period.


In a nutshell my visual  approach to photographing weddings is the same approach I take to covering a news story. I strive to fill the frame with emotion and action whenever possible. Its a little more involved than that, but I think these photos are true to that ideal.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog today. Rob


  1. My husband was a reporter for Channel 7 in Boston for 31 years. He shares your pain. Retirement is better. Now HE takes pictures, but with a still camera and without the tragedy. You take amazing pictures. Breathtaking.

    Garry pointed out that an angry mother of the bride can be every bit as dangerous as an angry mob. He has a point.


    1. That’s pretty cool Marilyn. Boston is a great town for news. I used to go there for work a lot. We recruited some of our best wedding photographers from CDIA in Waltham. I agree with Garry’s point. He is exactly right and what a lot of photographers miss is the Mother of The bride is often the person paying for everything. The trick is to keep everyone happy and that is what I strive to do when shooting a wedding. A very wise person once told me 90 percent of being successful in wedding photography is providing the best customer service possible and he was so, so right. I hope you all are doing OK with the weather up there, has the snow hit yet? Cheers, Rob


  2. weddings would be such an awesome experience…there is so much happiness! I’m sure the happy couple loved these! I’ve not done much in the way of people, only family when we get together…it feels much different than landscapes or flowers…


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