Window Shopping in Old Town Alexandria

web alexandria window rob paine copy

I always seem to get lucky  with window photos in  Old Town Alexandria, Va.  (please see more text and second photo)

This historic  town located next to the Potomac River across  from the nation’s capital is picturesque  with its cobblestone streets and well kept townhouses.

I thought you all would get a kick out of the following story that appeared in the Wall Street Journal this morning on using bird call iPhone  Apps when birding. It is something that is pretty applicable to nature photography as well. The story can be found here

When photographing in Old Town in the morning, the light hits the store fronts in a way that  results in the windows almost perfectly reflecting the other side of the street.

Some of the windows as shown in the photo below, include the type of glass similar to that used in the 1700’s which  when photographed  results in a more wavy look.

web alexandria window two

Thank you so much  for dropping by today.

Cheers, Rob


    • Thanks Mike. Old town is a great place, but I agree with you, the prices are a bit high. I don’t know though, if you are within easy driving distance of Huntley Meadows, you might be in the best place! My first resolution of 2014 is to get down there before the end of the month, especially after seeing all of your incredible bird photos shot there over the past year. I was lucky though to see a beautiful hawk visit our back porch on New Years, and will post a photo or two of that in a few days. Enjoy the snow,Rob


      • I have seen someone use an iPhone at Huntley Meadows to attract a bird only once, but suspect that it happens more than my limited sample suggests. As the article suggests, the best we can hope for is “judicious” use of the iPhone apps.


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