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Autumn Is Around the Corner…

web fall driveay

Photographing fall colors reminds me a little of playing a slot machine. You never know from year to year what you are in for. One autumn may provide dramatic saturated hues while in other years you may end up seeing muted shades of yellow or red. Please see second photo below.

The shot above was taken in what I would call a jackpot year, (the same year my personal fall favorite was taken shown on this link)

This driveway is on Rock Lodge Road near where it intersects with Bittinger Road in Garrett County, MD., near Deep Creek Lake. It is landmark of sorts and a favorite spot for photographers pursuing fall foliage or even snow shots in the winter.

The photo below was taken during a different year where the colors were not as brilliant. Two approaches that can make photos with limited colors more interesting is to play the shades of the leaves off a nearby building or a car, such as is done with the red roof of this vacation home.

lake view

Garrett County is host to the annual Autumn Glory festival which takes place in October.  If you have not been to Western Maryland for Autumn Glory, you should add it to your bucket list.

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