New Summer Postcards Available Soon At Swallow Falls State Park in Maryland

Photo by Rob Paine/Deep Creek Images/Copyright 2017

I am very excited to announce that beginning in June I will have two previously unpublished Deep Creek Images postcards on sale at my favorite place, Swallow Falls State Park in Garrett County, MD. (please see more text and waterfall video below)

These are two of my personal favorite photos and I am thrilled and appreciate that these cards were chosen by Swallow Falls.  One features a baby deer walking thru the woods and the second was photographed at the beautiful Tolliver Falls at sunset. To learn more about Swallow Falls State Park, please click here!

For those of you who have not visited Swallow Falls State Park near Oakland, MD, yet, check out the slow motion  video below I shot last year of Muddy Creek Falls, a crashing  53-foot waterfall in the park which is a very easy walk from the park’s parking lot.

A wonderful photo of Muddy Creek Falls is also featured in my new book “A Place Called Deep Creek Lake,” which is currently on sale at a special price for Fathers Day. Please click here to order!   

Whatever you do this Memorial Day weekend, have a great time !

Please feel free to leave a reply. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughtful feedback, Rob

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