730 Days Later, Thank You!

Photo by Rob Paine/Deep Creek Images/Copyright 2015
Photo by Rob Paine/Deep Creek Images/Copyright 2015

Two years ago today I decided to set a goal of posting at least one blog entry every day for one year. I told myself if I reach 30 days I can hit 60 days. One thing lead to the other and the next thing I knew I hit 365 in a row and today, I hit 730 consecutive days of posting (2 years) in a row. (please see more text and post that kicked off the two years below)

This would not be possible if not for the great response I have received from from fellow bloggers across the world who have followed and liked my posts and encouraged me via their   helpful and constructive comments. Thank you!

Over the past two years I have come to know so many fantastic people and photographers via WordPress. While I enjoy posting each day, the greatest benefit for me is the inspiration I get by seeing the other work of the some of the  thousands of great photographers who blog across the globe on this platform.

For those of you who are considering taking the daily plunge, another benefit of blogging more often it helps you develop a habit of looking for new images all the time and makes you take a closer look at your own work. Some daily posts will be better than others but when viewed at as a complete body of work, it provides quite a  window through which you can chart  what areas your photography thrives and in what areas you need help in.

The photo above is of my first camera that I shot my first photo with. Below is the post that ran two years ago that kicked off my daily quest.

Thank you!

During every visit to Deep Creek Lake, I am up before sunrise looking for beautiful scenes. This past Memorial Day weekend was no different.

Typically I am seeking predawn light which can add drama and depth to a photo of the lake and surrounding mountains. As I drove down Route 219 towards McHenry, out of the corner of my eye I saw the moon which was setting over a group of luxury homes located in the WISP resort in the mountains of Garrett County.

I shot the scene from various locations though this photo was taken near the McHenry U.S. Post Office. This angle worked best as it made the Moon look like it was popping out of one of the houses. To see more of my work, please go to http://www.deepcreekimages.com

Post Script… Today’s post kicks off the start of daily entries on this blog. Please feel free to comment on which photos and posts you like.
Cheers, RWP


  1. Congratulations, Rob. It’s tough to maintain a streak like that. I really like your points about the benefits of frequent blogging, something I strive to do as well. I look forward to more great shots from you (and that was an amazing image that started the streak).


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