Weekly Photo Challenge : A Twisted Old Barn

old barn mayhew inn road
The Old Barn on Mayhew Inn Road in Garrett County, Md., May 2014

Last fall I posted some images of a landmark of sorts located in Garrett County, MD, near Deep Creek Lake, a beautiful antique barn that is slowly collapsing. The post which was in response to a Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge titled “Unusual Point of View,” received a great deal of feedback from photographers and fellow barn lovers alike.

This past week I received a Facebook note from Bill who follows my photos telling me that the picturesque barn may have taken a turn (or more accurately a twist for the worst. (please see more photos and text below)

The Barn in Better Days  in January 2010
The Barn in Better Days in January 2010

Thank you to Bill for  who alerted me to the barn’s latest condition. As luck would have it I was able to drive past the barn this past weekend and took an updated photo (shown at the top of this blog post) of the landmark.

As Bill suggested, the constant pounding of snow the Deep Creek Lake Area received over the winter pushed the old barn’s roof  downward and maybe even  sideways. From certain angles the structure is beginning to take the shape of a Frank Gehry creation.

Below are two photos comparing the barn’s condition in May 2014 and September 2013 respectively.

The old barn is a reminder for me that you can never take a photo opportunity for granted. You need to take a minute  to stop and smell the visual roses. There is no guarantee a photo you see  today will be there tomorrow, or next week, or next spring.

Thanks for visiting my blog today, Rob

May 2014 View of the Barn
May 2014 View of the Barn
The Barn in September 2013
The Barn in September 2013
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  1. Such a shame that this fantastic building is dying on its feet. What a wonderful space it must have had within. And to think of someone making and fitting all those shingles.


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