Weekly Photo Challenge : Saturated – The Color of Flowers

I thought I would post a couple more images to go with this week’s  saturated theme.

web purple flower rob paine

The purple flower above was shot a couple of years ago.  Normally I would  be going for a deeper depth of field  on flower shot. The symmetry on this plant was so striking I thought a lower depth of field would really bring out the design of the flower as  almost the entire background drops off into nothing. It is sort of an aerial shot of a flower. (Please see more text and another flower photo below)

For the yellow rose photo below I took almost the opposite approach. I used a very lower depth of field to create a more dreamy look  while still maintaing the shape of the petals and bringing out the shadows between them.

web rob paine saturated Thanks so much for visiting my blog today! Enjoy the day. Rob

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