Thank You! (My 100th Consecutive Day of Blogging) Wed. Sept 4

Rob Paine

Today is my 100th consecutive day of posting on this blog. I want to express my appreciation to all of you wonderful folks who have visited, followed and commented on!

This blog did exist prior to Tuesday, May 28th though in a very occasional form. Over the Memorial Day weekend I decided to take the blogging plunge and go daily. (please see more text and photos)

Before embarking on this endeavor I wondered out loud the following : a) would anyone even look at my blog? b) did I have enough material to maintain a fresh daily Web presence; and finally C) could I write and post every single day?

The old saying “if tree falls in a forest and no one hears it, did it really fall?” could easily be applied to my concern “if I blog every day and no one visits, did I really post?”

Thanks to all the support and encouragement I have received from all of you, I have reached my first goal of 100 consecutive days. But that is not all.

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Above is the gallery from the newest page on this site titled Winged Wonders.

Every day I have been inspired to do better work than I have every thought I could thanks to the wonderful photography I have seen shot by the bloggers around the world that I have connected with thru WordPress, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Tumblr. I have as much if not more fun looking up, liking and commenting on the blogs of everyone else as I do posting on my own blog. I have met so many fantastic people from around the world thanks to blogging.

Another great benefit of blogging is it is a good way to practice your writing and designing skills.

Last but certainly not least, posting photos and getting feedback is such a fantastic way to gauge which photos you shoot reach people. As I prepare for my first ever art showing on Saturday, I cannot say how much I appreciate the input I receive through comments, views, and likes. It provides me with a better idea what others might like to hang on a wall.

Again, Thank you! I am looking forward to the next 100 days! Thanks for dropping in and visiting my blog today.



  1. Congratulations! I am coming up on my first month of blogging, and I agree with all your tips and observations. I have enjoyed your photography so much, and I look forward to seeing much more!


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