Weekly Photo Challenge : Focus Cardinals in the Snow



These were some photos I shot a winter or so ago of a cardinal. It looked so beautiful in the snow.  In the photo above I really wanted to illustrate how much snow had piled up on the bird feeder.  In this shots below, I  wanted to get just enough depth of field to have the cardinal sharp  in focus  and not a lot else. (please see second image below)


Below is another shot I took of a cardinal on the same day visiting a very snow covered bird feeder.

rob paine cardinal in snow

Thank you so much for clicking on my post today!

To read more about my approach  to photographing backyard birds, please check out this post on Backyard Bird Photography

22 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge : Focus Cardinals in the Snow”

  1. I love cardinals! We lived in NC for 3 years and were always thrilled to watch such beautiful birds. We don’t have cardinals in Australia, so all the more special!


  2. Just beautiful!! My favorite bird and one that looks the best surrounded by all that snow!! I hope to capture wildlife someday, had not ventured too much into things that move! I’ll just look at your beautiful shots in the meantime🙋


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