Weekly Photo Challenge : Foreshadow Warming Up at PNC Park

PNC Park Before the Game Rob Paine

PNC Park, home of the Pittsburgh Pirates, is one of the best stadiums to watch a baseball game in. Last summer I finally got to a game at PNC and had a blast.

We got to the park early so we would have some time to explore.  Seeing the manner in which the Pittsburgh skyline pops out of center field would make you think the city was built around the stadium, not the other way around.

For another cool Pittsburgh scene, please check out Pittsburgh At Night.

There is not a bad seat to be had and of course this year the Pirates are having a season to remember. As of this posting, they have the best record in the National League and the second best overall record in Major League Baseball. They have a potent offense and a lights out bullpen. It is only fitting that such a fantastic stadium finally be able to host such a great team.

I took this photo before the game as the Houston Astros finished batting practice on the field. I was looking for the shot I have seen so many times of the stadium and cityscape behind it when this gentleman began to walk in front of me. I waited until he was in the far third of my frame and shot. His silhouette really added interest and depth to a shot that otherwise would have been pretty mundane.

This images is my contribution to this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge.


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