Sunrise on the Charles in Boston

rob paine boston on the charles

I think Boston is one of the prettiest big cities in the United States. I have been fortunate over my life to have a lot of reasons and need to travel there for family and business. I have probably spent more time Boston than any other city in the country (of course excluding the D.C. and New York areas where I have lived). Please see second photo below.

A few years ago after a business trip concluded, we stayed at the Cambridge Hyatt for a night before heading up the coast to Maine. The hotel is located right along the Charles River across from Boston. When the sun rose I peaked out our hotel window to see several crew teams rowing on the Charles.

I jumped for my cameras and sped to the elevator to make the 10 story trip to the ground floor and hit the street. The river bank was fairly empty at that time of day, just me and a few joggers. As the sun rose I captured the scene above with a row team in front of Boston’s two biggest skyscrapers, The John Hancock Tower (left) and the Prudential Tower (right).

Below is a shot I took from above the river from our hotel room window.

rob paine boston crew team
It was a wonderful way to start a beautiful trip to Maine.

Thanks for dropping in this morning. Please look for my weekly photo challenge post later today.

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