The Best Window Seats in Sports are in Green Bay and in Boston

rob paine Lambeau Field Window Several years ago I had the good luck to travel to Green Bay, Wisconsin to see a Packers game.

(please see second photo and text below)

I have attended professional sporting events in close to 30 venues across the country but most of those stadiums and arenas pale in comparison to the game day experiences of   Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin and  Fenway Park in Boston, home of the 2013 World Champions.

If you make the trek to Green Bay though, you should  take the stadium tour the day before or after the game. Lambeau Field is a living museum of football.  During the tour you can walk thru the same stadium tunnel that Brett Favre  used to run thru and now Aaron Rodgers runs thru every Sunday. You also get to sit in one of the stadium’s luxury suites, where the photo above was taken through one of the suite’s windows.

Photo Tip : when taking photos such at these, I always try to get a person in the foreground. It helps the photo  provide a better sense  of perspective and gives it a human element.

rob paine fenway window

About two years after the Green Bay visit, I was in Boston one winter month on a business trip. I had a few hours to myself before my meetings began so I pulled off the expressway that runs from downtown Boston to the suburbs and pulled up to Fenway Park.

Prior to my Fenway tour, I had been to the park one other time for a Red Sox game several years earlier. I thought it would be fun to see the historic stadium from behind the scenes.

Want to see the Packers at the White House? Check out my Cheeseheads at the White House post.

I have only been on three stadium tours, but they all seem to include a visit to either a luxury suite or the press box. This photo was taken from the Fenway Park press box located above home plate. In addition to the history of the park, I remember the tour guide pointing to some seats in the press box where Brad Pitt had sat during the filming of Moneyball. One of the movie’s closing scenes was filmed at Fenway. Another great baseball movie Fever Pitch, was also filmed extensively at the park.

The Fenway tour also allows you to sit in seats on the famed Green Monster .

Touring stadiums is a great way to learn the history of your favorite teams and their stadiums. The proceeds of many of the tours, including the one of Nationals Park in D.C., benefit charities, so you are helping someone out at the same time.

If you are wondering what is third on my list for stadium experiences, it  would be PNC Park in Pittsburgh, home of the Pittsburgh Pirates. To check out a post I ran on PNC last summer, please follow this link PNC 

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  1. Love your story …. baseball – not a sport for us, Swede … give us a puck instead. But while living in Seattle – I learned to be mad about baseball and football – still a big Seahawks fan. I hope The Mariners are doing well … ????


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