Happy Mothers Day 2017!

In honor of all mothers (including those who quack like a duck) I thought it would be appropriate to repost this entry about a duck parade that marched through my community several years ago! rob paine duck parade 17 These days it is not unusual in parts of the D.C. Area to see foxes, deer or hawks. Even coyotes appear from time to time. Over the weekend though we were treated to  a parade of sorts as a momma duck lead 7 ducklings throughout the neighborhood skillfully navigating busy streets and weaving through backyards and waddling  between cars.  (please see more photos and text below)

rob paine duck parade six

The procession first appeared in my view at a busy intersection where I noticed a couple stopping traffic so the family could safely travel through. The parade then progressed up the street as the momma duck lead her ducklings through back yards and front yards, weaving  under and around cars parked in driveways attracting more neighbors with cameras and iPads along the way.

After stopping and resting several times the family finally headed down a hill walking in the direction of a nearby park which is home to a large lake.

For some more photos of this special afternoon please see the slideshow below.

Thanks so much for dropping by my blog today!

Quick Photo Tip : For most of these photos I was as close to the ground as possible. When photographing subjects, (animals in particular) your photos will have much more impact if you viewfinder is on the same level as the animals. It is also a great way to avoid picking up background clutter!

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