Flower Surprise at Deep Creek Lake

Rob paine frog in flower.

One of my favorite lenses is my 60mm macro. It is sharp,fast and an incredible close up lens. (Deepcreekimages.com/Rob Paine)

The photo above was taken several years ago near Deep Creek Lake. It had just rained and I wanted to get some close ups of a day lilly outside where  I was staying for the weekend. (please see more photos and text below)

I started photographing different flowers and I noticed something brown in the middle of one of them. I took a closer look…

I thought it was a moth at first. It was so small. I quickly realized to my surprise it was not a moth!

I could not believe my luck!

I kept shooting as this very small frog
worked it’s way up from the bottom of the flower to one of the flower’s petals. It was barely the size of a quarter.

I added some very soft strobe light to the scene by holding an SB800 covered with a Fong dome over the flower.

Every time since after a heavy rain I return to the the same group of flowers  looking for another frog. I am still waiting.

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