Enjoying Green Spring Gardens in Virginia

This is a post I ran last year but as spring weather takes hold in the D.C. Area, I wanted to remind everyone of the great nature opportunities at our Green Spring Gardens Park in Fairfax Count, Va. Enjoy!

 Photo by Rob Paine/Deep Creek Images/Copyright 2015
The historic house at Green Spring Gardens in Fairfax County, Va. Photo by Rob Paine/Deep Creek Images/Copyright 2015

This is a perfect time of year to visit Green Spring Gardens Park in Fairfax County, Virginia. Located off the Beltway, this beautiful park is a short drive from Washington D.C. and an even shorter drive from Old Town Alexandria. Please see gallery and more text below.

Green Spring Gardens Park in my opinion is best gardens in the D.C. Area for photographers. There always seems to be a variety of plants in bloom in around the paths and walkways. In the winter you can see colorful plants in the park’s greenhouse. In addition to the gardens, there is a historic house, a horticultural center which houses the Green Springs Library (which is an incredible resource for anyone wanting improve their gardening skills). There is also a plant shop and a wonderful gift shop on the premises.

Green Spring has ample parking and although the parking lot gates close in the late afternoon (please check signs at the park for exact times) the park is open to the public from dawn to dusk making it one of the few botanical gardens in the area that you can access during the best hours for light for photographers (sun up and sun down) There are several pedestrian entry points to the grounds you can use when the parking gate is closed. The park runs numerous educational programs and even has a children’s garden. To get a complete list of all the wonderful things this park has to offer please visit the park’s homepage.

Below is a gallery of photos I have taken at the park. Enjoy!


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