Your Most Viewed Posts : Taking a Dive for a Great Cause

rob paine deep creek dunk16__3597Last February I photographed the Deep Creek Dunk at Deep Creek Lake, Maryland, a charity event where more than a hundred souls ran into a freezing section of lake to  help Special Olympics.

I created several posts with a lot of photos in the days after the event. They were by far the most viewed posts ever in my blog’s existence. The first day’s post on the subject  attracted more than 5,000 views. Below is a portion of those blog posts.

Interested in taking part in this great event? The 2017 Deep       Creek Dunk is scheduled for Feb. 25, 2017.

Visiting the Deep Creek Dunk, February 2016

After several years I was finally able to photograph the the Deep Creek Dunk this past weekend at Deep Creek Lake, MD. The Dunk involves several hundred brave souls (many donning costumes) who submerge their bodies in the chilling winter waters of Deep Creek Lake to raise money for Special Olympics Maryland. The area where the participants dunked was solid ice just days before the event took place.

Dunks and polar plunges are definitely signs of the season. 

I asked one person who just completed The Dunk, how cold was it? He said laughing “As soon as I regain feeling in my legs, I will let you know.”

Congratulations to all those who took part in and sponsored this event. Please look below for a gallery of photos from The Dunk. (Check back tomorrow to see even more Deep Creek Dunk photos. According to the Deep Creek Times, there were 740 dunkers Saturday and the preliminary dollar amount raised was $167,000.

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