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Two Years Ago – Beauty is not often Perfect

imperfect daisy rob paine

There is often a certain symmetry to nature which is quite miraculous. Flowers appear perfectly designed as if they were engineered using computer software. It astounds me how my dog is able to time after time balance a soccer ball on the edge of the top stairs in our house so the ball will not bounce down the steps. (Wait,that is another topic for another day)

As photographers we seek out this natural perfection yet there is also great beauty in life’s imperfections. Little “flaws” can give a flower or a tree a distinctive look or make a person unforgettable or special. The Japanese culture has a phrase for this, Wabi-sabi. According to Wikipedia, ” Wabi-sabi represents a comprehensive Japanese world view or aesthetic centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection.”

I was drawn to this flower because I thought it’s beauty was a result of its imperfection. It stood out from all the other daisy’s in the garden I was photographing due to its bent pedals, bending in a way almost to say, hey, look at me!

Thanks for dropping in today.

37 Laurel brook Oakland MD wb

One Response to “Two Years Ago – Beauty is not often Perfect”

  1. Eric E. Photo

    I think people can relate to the beauty in imperfections more than something seemingly perfect. We are not perfect. Nature is. Even in it’s imperfections:) Beautiful image, Rob.



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