Two Years Ago : Wintering on the Potomac

rob paine duck on potomac

There are so many things to do and places to photograph in Washington D.C. it it easy to forget about the simpler photo ops in the area, like birds on the Potomac River. (Please see second photo and more text below)

rob paine bird on potomac

I shot these two photos on a winter’s afternoon at the foot of Georgetown near the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. It was a beautiful day and the setting sun cast a golden shadow over the entire river.

Is Washington a black and white town? If you like black and white photography please check out this post on our Nation’s Capital.

While not much was in bloom, the golden hour light and some red berries on a nearby bush provided plenty of color to complement the ducks and other birds that were scarfing for morsels of food tossed to them by those strolling by.

Its a busy place but a tranquil place. Thanks for stopping by today and enjoy the Super Bowl!


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