Two Years Ago this Week : Framing Nature

rob paine biltmore webToday’s Wordless Wednesday photo was taken in downtown Asheville, N.C.

When I was growing up my home away from home was Asheville, N.C. My mom’s family lived in Asheville so we would make at least one trip down to Western North Carolina every summer.

Do flowers look better in color or black and white? Check out this post to decide.

Later my parents retired there, so the trek south continued. If you visit Asheville, you have to tour The Biltmore Estate, something I have done several times. (please see more text below)

My most recent tour of Biltmore differed from the rest in that we spent a great deal of time touring the gardens and grounds, where the photo above was shot.

The grounds and gardens of The Biltmore Estate were designed by perhaps the most famous landscape architect of all time, Frederick Law Olmstead. . Olmstead did the landscape design on some of the greatest landmarks in the United States including Central Park in New York and the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C.

The afternoon I shot this image it was raining steadily which gave everything sort of a subtle muted tone. While walking down one of the paths, I saw this bridge framed like a window by the tall plants in front of me. The level of detail that Olmstead sought makes one wonder were the bricks on the bridge color coordinated with the plants in the foreground?

I have not been to Central Park but this bridge and its surroundings vaguely reminds me of The Bow Bridge in Central Park which has been featured so prominently in art and in film.

Thanks for dropping by today, Rob

For another Asheville scene, please check out this link Asheville Architecture.

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