Top Viewed Posts in 2015 : Portrait of a Fox, #1

This photo originally ran in 2013 and has been repost at least once since. This year it continues to be a favorite and was the single post with the most view hits
of any post on ISBAA (old or new) this year. Thanks for visiting my blog and for enjoying the fox, Rob.

Copyright Rob Paine/Deep Creek Images

I have been trying for years to get a nice portrait of a fox.
I recently reached my goal.

It was the middle of the day. While driving down a country road near Deep Creek Lake, MD., we saw a red fox trotting along the double yellow lines.

Every time our car stopped, the fox paused and turned around to look at us. The fox seemed as curious about us as we were about it.

After a few hundred yards of this back and fourth, the fox darted off into a field and stopped again looking back as I fired off a few frames from my car window.


Below is another shot of the fox as it ran thru the field.



Above is one more fox photo I wanted to include in this post just for the fun of it!


Please feel free to leave a reply. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughtful feedback, Rob

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